Brain Study Finds New Pathways to Human Musicality

In a follow-up post to one about Nathalie Angier's earlier article about the experience of being a subject in an M.I.T. study, Whether to enliven a commute, relax in the evening or drown out the buzz of a neighbor's recreational drone, Americans listen to music nearly...

Mapping the Brain for Sound: A Subject’s Perspective

There seem to be a lot of brain studies related to music coming out these days. But have you ever wondered what it's like to be a part of one? Natalie Angier of The New York Times participated in a new study on the effect of sounds on the brain...and gives us an...

10 Truths for Pianists

The musical mastery of the world’s great pianists almost defies physical logic. Light as a feather one minute and thunderous as a herd of hippos the next, from slow and stately to faster than a woodpecker on speed in under 60 quavers. But this instrumental wizardry...

The Finely-Tuned Skills of a Ballet Accompanist

Who knew that there was so much behind accompanying ballet dancers? It's clearly something that Cameron Grant at the New York City Ballet has carefully honed over three decades. All with a great sense of humor... "There are only two tempos, too fast or too slow,"...

Casual Fridays (plus iPads) for BSO

While this post isn't really about pianos, attracting a younger audience for classical music is a goal of many arts organizations, including those dedicated to classical piano performance. So, the Boston Symphony Orchestra is trying out a new dress code, ticket prices...

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