The piano was first introduced more than 300 years ago. And while today’s pianos operate on the same principles as those early instruments, there are some important changes. New designs ensure that the piano continues to evolve as pianists and piano manufacturers constantly seek to create the perfect instrument. In this section, we’ll follow those efforts, post news about the piano industry and highlight some extraordinary instruments.

The Portable Piano

If you've ever had to arrange to move a grand piano, you know that it takes some planning and more than a few dollars. So what's a classical pianist to do?  Monica Jakuc Leverett has found a way to travel lighter. For most musicians, bringing their instrument to play...

Miniature Piano Collection

An ideal collection for Stuart Little or The Borrowers... “A museum within a museum” is how Piano Performance Museum director David Peskin described the collection of pint-sized pianos at the Doctorow Center for the Arts in Hunter. Peskin plays a tiny keyboard...

It’s a $750,000 Piano, But How’s the Sound?

Okay, this piano likely is more valuable than your house...or everything you own. This 50,000th piano by Boesendorfer may be beautiful inside and out, but folks in the Philadelphia area actually got to hear it! Each Boesendorfer piano takes five years to make. The...

18th century Technique Re-examined

So, what does the 18th century fortepiano have to do with how classical music is played? A new book tries to answer that question for teachers and pianists. Written by Lincoln pianist Donna Gunn and recently released by Oxford University Press, “Discoveries from the...

Profile of a dedicated piano tuner

It's easy to forget that pianists would be nothing without piano tuners. Unlike the vast majority of music instruments, pianos are one of those instruments that aren't tuned by most people who play them. So, in honor of those unsung heroes of the keyboard, here's a...

Apps for Learning to Play

We all know that learning to play an instrument has it benefits. But does learning through technology as opposed to working directly with a human really work? It's likely never too late to learn, but as you get older it gets harder to keep banging out "Mary Had a...

How It’s Made: Boesendorfer Vienna Concert Grand Video

Granted, this is a video promoting the Boesendorfer that was introduced in 2015, but it's also a fun behind-the-scenes look at how these pianos are made. And, of course, some beautiful playing by Armenian pianist Nareh Arghamanyan, herself a resident of Vienna.

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