The piano was first introduced more than 300 years ago. And while today’s pianos operate on the same principles as those early instruments, there are some important changes. New designs ensure that the piano continues to evolve as pianists and piano manufacturers constantly seek to create the perfect instrument. In this section, we’ll follow those efforts, post news about the piano industry and highlight some extraordinary instruments.

How to save a 100-year-old piano

When an instrument speaks across generations, sometimes it takes a village to save it. Sometimes when an inanimate object has been around for a long time, it takes on a life of its own. Oh, if the 99-year-old Steinway piano at Roosevelt High School could talk, the...

The world’s smallest grand piano

Made by video game legends Sega of all people, the world’s smallest grand piano sounds delightfully cute (if you can actually manage to play it). As you can see, it’s a slavishly recreated version of a normal grand piano, but it just so happens to be 25cm wide as...

What’s a “Left-Handed Piano”?

I've heard of left-handed guitars and other left-handed tools, but a left-handed piano? It's a bit mind-bending to watch, but it's a thing. And it plays Tchaikovsky. Left-handed pianist Christopher Seed believed that the whole left side of his body is more expressive...

Christopher Taylor’s Double Keyboard – Controlling Two Grands

Apparently the double keyboard is not just for harpsichords and organs anymore... He’s played concert halls around the globe, but today, Christopher Taylor, UW-Madison’s superstar pianist, is like a kid who’s unwrapping a new toy. There’s barely an inch to spare in...

Steinway’s Spirio: A New Player Piano Trend?

The start of a player piano renaissance? The digital revolution has upset a lot of industries, but perhaps none more so than the music industry. With file sharing and streaming via subscription services the norm, the sight of vast collections of CDs stacked up around...

Swiss Physicist Discovers Chopin’s Piano

The idea that the one-and-only Chopin played, taught and composed on this newly "discovered" piano is pretty darn cool...and hats off to the Swiss physicist who found it! A grand piano that actually sat in Frederic Chopin’s living room in Paris was discovered by Alain...

TransAcoustic Pianos: Yamaha’s Version of a Musical Prius?

We've had hybrid cars for years, so why not hybrid pianos? Yamaha is betting that more folks will want a part-acoustic / part-digital piano by offering more models of Transacoustics pianos to customers. Yamaha recently expanded its groundbreaking line of TransAcoustic...

Glenn Gould’s Piano Takes a Vacation

Building renovation in Ottawa means that Glenn Gould's famous piano has to take a vacation to another location for a while. It’s possibly the most famous musical instrument you’ve never heard of. It brought several people, including a concert pianist, an orchestra...

Stunning Tokyo Steinway Showroom Designed by SALT

We're including this post just because...wow. designed by ogata yoshiki, ikawa atsushi, and watase ikuma, the steinway & sons flagship asian store is located in tennoz isle in tokyo. the aim was to create a space where their clients can feel the craftsmanship of the...

Sibelius Music Academy Creates a quarter-tone piano

Dan Smart at Tiny Mix Tapes writes about a new instrument developed by the folks at Sibelius Music Academy...with a lot of um, colorful language. Still, this new quarter-tone piano is rather fascinating...and how does one really play it, anyway? Is it a just a...

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