We are horrified by the news of the murders of his two children and stabbing of his estranged wife.

Nika and Michela Kholodenko, the young daughters of the Ukrainian pianist Vadym Kholodenko, have been found dead at their home in Benbrook, Texas. Their mother, Sofia Tsygankova, was also found at the home suffering from multiple stab wounds. Tsygankova has undergone surgery and is currently recovering in hospital.

Benbrook Police Commander David Babcock, said: ‘The children were not stabbed. The manner of death has not been determined at this time. But they were not stabbed. Until we speak to the mother, it’s too early in this investigation to establish any suspects or motives at this point.’

UPDATE: The police have released a statement saying that the 911 call was made by Vadym Kholodenko, who discovered the bodies. He is not considered a suspect, and no suspect is being sought. (Friday, March 18, 15.30 GMT)

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