We’ve had hybrid cars for years, so why not hybrid pianos? Yamaha is betting that more folks will want a part-acoustic / part-digital piano by offering more models of Transacoustics pianos to customers.

Yamaha recently expanded its groundbreaking line of TransAcoustic pianos with two new grand models — the C1XTA and C3XTA— and three uprights — the YUS1TA, YUS3TA and YUS5TA. These new instruments bring the number of TransAcoustic models to seven, offering more piano size options to choose from.

These hybrid instruments employ the company’s exclusive TransAcoustic technology that both utilize and expand on the incredible sonic qualities of an acoustic piano. This innovation uses all elements of the acoustic piano to augment and amplify digitally generated sounds, creating an omnipresent auditory experience with the naturally resonant characteristics of an acoustic piano.

The new C1XTA and C3XTA grands and YUS1TA, YUS3TA and YUS5TA upright models are first and foremost fine acoustic pianos, with real strings and a superb action. However, they also open a new world of possibilities to performers. These include the ability to switch to the tone and physical presence of the world-renowned Yamaha CFX concert grand piano, or a wide variety of instruments — from electric pianos to a marimba and harpsichord. Perhaps the most scintillating sounds are generated when the player combines the acoustic and digital properties of the instrument — gentle orchestral strings under a natural piano, for example. This all comes with the benefits of Yamaha’s popular Silent Piano™, which keeps the hammers from hitting the strings, and instead sends an immersive, binaurally-sampled sound of the CFX concert grand directly to headphones for practicing or performing in total privacy.

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