It seems like something out of science fiction: paralyzed musicians who can transmit musical compositions through brainwaves. But it’s real.

Four musicians, who are severely physically disabled and unable to talk or move, are using cutting-edge technology to create music using just the power of their minds. The Paramusical Ensemble have worked with the University of Plymouth and the Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability in the UK to develop the system, which allows for real-time composition of notated music.

Using ground-breaking computer technology, visual stimuli can be registered, processed and interpreted as a playable score. Short phrases of music are displayed on a screen next to a corresponding flashing light source. As a member of the Paramusical Ensemble looks at a particular light source, electrical impulses in the brain’s visual cortex are registered via an EEG cap, relaying the selected musical fragment to a display screen. read

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