If you’ve ever had to arrange to move a grand piano, you know that it takes some planning and more than a few dollars. So what’s a classical pianist to do?  Monica Jakuc Leverett has found a way to travel lighter.

For most musicians, bringing their instrument to play with friends is not a big deal. It’s a little harder if you’re a classical pianist and you want to bring your own piano. But some musicians have found an easier way.

A few years ago, professional pianist Monica Jakuc Leverett built a climate controlled music room off her home in Florence, Massachusetts. In addition to giving hundreds of local performances, during her career Jakuc Leverett has performed on three continents and been a featured musician in Washington, London, and New York. Her music room includes an impressive half concert grand, not one, but two beautiful custom-made fortepianos and her latest acquisition—a baby grand toy piano.

That’s right—a toy piano. And this afternoon, its identical twin has arrived.

“There’s certainly real novelty in putting a piano in your car and bringing it over to your friend’s house to play,” says Judith Gordon, who, like Jakuc Leverett, is an acclaimed pianist who has performed with many of the country’s most noted musicians. read more at nepr.net