Now that Lang Lang has his own perfume? What comes next? Well, something more interesting to the piano world – a new piano used by educators.

The ONE Music Group, creators of the only Apple MFi-certified piano that works with an app to teach users to play, has teamed with famed classical pianist Lang Lang in the hopes of bringing their ONE Smart Piano to the masses. Word has it that ONE Music Group recently secured $10 million in funding that will be used to advance its mission of music education with The Piano Classroom Project — dedicated to helping teachers cater to more students in each class at a more affordable rate.

In addition to getting Lang Lang to agree to use their pianos almost exclusively, the world renowned classical musician, with the help of Sequoia Capital, IdeaBulb Ventures and ZhenFund was able to close $10 million in Series B funding for The ONE Music Group, who make the only Apple MFi-certified piano that combines a full-sized piano with a dedicated iOS app

Head of Growth at The ONE Smart Piano, Sandy Diao, recently explained that Lang Lang was just the kind of partner that the company was looking for to help further its mission of bringing music education to the masses (via Yahoo!):

“Lang Lang’s perfection in his piano-playing craft, and dedication to learning in his youth, is the kind of quality we want to exude for our piano.

“His work with 101 Pianists aligns perfectly with our mission to make learning the piano more convenient and fun for everyone.”