If you’re looking for a good way to introduce yourself to (or figure out) new music, maybe you should ask some leading new music composers what they think! Sinfini Music did just that in this roundup of interviews of composers.

For many people, ‘new music’ can seem a bit scary. Just where are you supposed to start? And isn’t it all a bit… plinky plonky? Not necessarily. We asked ten leading composers to tell us about the music they think would make a good entry point for newbies – and here’s they said. Your journey into new music starts here!

Magnus Lindberg: You’ll be fascinated by the sound of it

I think people should go in with composers like Henri Dutilleux and György Ligeti. Duteilleux, for example, was a composer who totally respected tradition and yet was able to bring his own voice into what he produced. His music is a wonderful bridge from classical tradition to contemporary. If you know anything of Ravel or Berio, then listening to music by Dutilleux will feel perfectly logical.

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