For many, the piano is already king of the instruments (though don’t tell Mozart who declared it was the pipe organ), but the San Diego Symphony is going out of its way to make the point in a 17-concert series titled “Upright & Grand.”

Some might argue that with the advent of the rock star guitarist, the electric guitar has taken the piano’s place as the most desirable, even sexiest, musical instrument.

And maybe it’s true: If you want a fling, flirt with the guitar. But if you want a relationship, the piano is the instrument you’re looking for.

No other instrument has the versatility, the grandeur, the musical possibilities of the piano. It’s all right there at your fingertips. And the great classical, jazz, rock and pop masters have all written for it. (Can you imagine Stevie Wonder, to cite just one of countless examples, playing a guitar? I didn’t think so).

No wonder the San Diego Symphony is devoting an entire month to “Upright & Grand,” which offers 17 concerts ranging from jazz to chamber music. In addition, you’ll be seeing, hearing and maybe playing the painted pianos that the symphony’s partners will make available all over town. Or you can set your sights on the stage at Jacobs Music Center, where the symphony is inviting the community on Jan. 16. Amateur pianists may have a couple minutes of fame at a concert Steinway, take in a workshop, or attend a “monster piano” concert.