Canadian pianist Stewart Goodyear commemorates the 61st anniversary of Glenn Gould’s American debut.

Glenn Gould retired from the concert hall at the age of 31, but he was a sensation in his American debut at Washington’s Phillips Gallery on Jan. 2, 1955.

Around 4 p.m. next Sunday afternoon at 1600 21st Ave. NW in the Dupont Circle neighbourhood of Washington, D.C., young Canadian pianist Stewart Goodyear is scheduled to relive a moment in musical history.

For it was 61 years earlier on that very spot, the Music Room of the Phillips Gallery, that the man fated to become the most celebrated classical musician in Canadian history launched his international career.

Already embarked upon such a career (having performed all 32 Beethoven sonatas from memory in a Koerner Hall marathon, among other achievements), Goodyear has said of Glenn Gould’s American debut, “To me that concert is just as historic as the premiere of The Rites of Spring in Paris in 1913. It basically changed music history. Because of Glenn Gould, there is a new way of listening to the piano, a new way of programming.”