Three new Hamburgs have been delivered to the Blyndebourne concert hall in the UK. And there is great hope that the new instruments will be the reason for more attention to the opera house and its programs.

AN OPERA house is hoping three new grand pianos will be the key to success as they rival the standards of “the world’s leading performance venues”.

Glyndebourne concert hall, near Lewes, took delivery the new huge Steinway and Sons pianos which marks one of the large single deliveries of the new instruments a UK venue in a decade.

Steven Naylor, Glyndebourne’s director of artistic administration, and pianist Duncan Williams were accompanied by Keith Glazebrook of Steinway and Sons to complete the selection of these three pianos at the Steinway and Sons Hamburg factory.

Each instrument was hand selected to make sure they were ideally suited to each of the three locations in the opera house where they will be housed.

Mr Naylor said: “Good music making starts from the very first day of music and production rehearsals in the studio. Rehearsal accompanists are required to substitute for the orchestra and, as such, they have to summon an array of colours, sonority, dynamic and nuance. The superb quality of Steinway pianos enables them to create an orchestral sound world of multifarious stylistic detail, whether it be Handel, Mozart, Verdi, Wagner or Britten – a joy to listen to for the cast and a delight to play for the hard working accompanists.”