If you’ve got that hard-to-buy-for musician in your life, perhaps they’d be interested in some high tech toys? Of course, you’ve got to have a pretty high-level budget to buy some of these…

Musicians are those dedicated beasts who spend hours on an instrument or in front of a glowing computer screen honing their craft. The multitude of styles and abilities can be a confusing time for people looking to buy their musician loved-ones and friends the perfect gift.

Fear not, we’ve got a cracking list of the top gifts to impress the musicians in your life.

Here’s one for the high-end musician hoping to enter professional level, or for the wealthy tinkerers among you. Yamaha has a variety of keyboard styles from portable digital modules to uprights and full grand pianos, there’s a set of keys for every budget. The Silent range is a bit more expensive and this entry-level piano pictured costs around £3,600 (approx $5,365/AUS$7,500) with the most expensive, a hand-crafted grand piano, will set you back nearly £50,000 (approx $74,500/AUS$103,500).


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