Bravo to the Baryshnikov Arts Center for establishing the new Cage Cunningham Fellowship!

Russian pianist, harpsichordist, dramatic interpreter, and barrier breaker Alexei Lubimov has just become the first-ever “fellow” of the newly-formed Cage Cunningham Fellowship. As the inaugural recipient, Lubimov will receive $50,000 as the 2016 winner, and will use the money to commission new works from five composers. The Baryshnikov Arts Center, which raised $1 million to establish the fellowship, recently announced Lubimov’s selections: “Russian composers Anton Batagov, Pavel Karmanov, and Sergei Zagny, and American composers Bryce Dessner and Julia Wolfe.” By honoring Lubimov with the first-ever Cage Cunning Fellowship, the BAC pays homage to a tradition of innovation that has it roots in cross-continental rebellion.