How long have we endured those reality shows focused on dancing and singing? Where’s the focus on classical piano?! Well, apparently Canada does just that. While the name could use an adjustment (Piano Hero…is that a sandwich?), it’s a refreshing change, don’t you think?

We’re happy to announce the return of Piano Hero, CBC Music’s search for Canada’s favourite amateur classical pianist.

Do you play classical piano? Regardless of your age or level, we want you to step out of the practice room and show the rest of Canada what you’ve got.

Piano Hero launches on Jan. 11, 2016, but we want to get the word out now to give you lots of time to prepare.Maybe you’re a piano student looking for some exposure, or a retired person with a lifelong love of piano who has lately had more time to practise. Or maybe you’re an accountant, a teacher, a graphic designer, a bus driver or — like CBC Music’s 2015 Piano Hero, Thomas Yu — a periodontist who plays classical piano as a serious hobby. If so, you might be CBC Music’s next Piano Hero.