A young Italian who had never before performed with an orchestra wins the Telekom Beethoven Competition…unanimously, by the way.

It was a sensational win for the 20-year-old Italian, who had never before performed with an orchestra. At the ITBCB finale he more than tamed a warhorse of the piano repertory: Beethoven’s Fifth Piano Concerto.

On Saturday evening (12.12.2015) in the sold-out Beethoven Hall, the audience favorite was announced first. Filippo Gorini left his competitors, Canadian Ben Cruchley and Moritz Winkelmann of Germany, far behind.
Then Pavel Gililov announced the jury’s verdict at the 6th International Telekom Beethoven Competition Bonn (ITBCB). The jury president was doubly satisfied: not only were audience and jury in agreement, but the nine-member panel of experts had shown rare unanimity, basing their decision on the first three rounds of the ten-day music competition as well as the final round.
“I still can’t believe what is happening to me this evening. It’s like a dream come true,” Gorini told DW in an interview.

Pianist Filippo Gorini triumphs at the Telekom Beethoven Competition | Music | DW.COM | 13.12.2015