Sometimes we need a break from the seriousness that is classical music. Limelight Magazine provides a list of the top 10 things that composers know.

Where would music be without composers? Well… nowhere really! From Bach to Beethoven, Mozart to Mahler, Chopin to Stravinsky, we owe countless works of heartbreaking beauty and jaw dropping innovation to those genius writers of music.

But the life of a composer isn’t all grand premieres and legions of adoring fans. We reveal ten truths that those who tread the career path of a composer will know all too well.

So here’s #1:

Missing deadlines is inevitable

It’s a well-known fact that Mozart was still writing the overture to Don Giovanni on the morning the opera premiered, and this proud tradition of delivering a score at the 11th-hour is one honoured to this day by composers around the globe. To paraphrase the words of legendary British author Douglas Adams, composers “love deadlines! They love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.” 10 things all composers know

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