At Elon University in North Carolina, Addison Horner is trying to spread the gospel of piano to reach potential pianists through Instagram. Yes, that’s right Instagram, the social media technology that provides information via photos

Junior Addison Horner is trying to entice would-be pianists onto the keyboard through an unconventional medium — Instagram. What started as an Elon University Honors Fellows thesis project has evolved into a more ambitious plan to teach anyone how to play piano through a series of short, 15-second video lessons spread out over a 10-month curriculum.

But Horner isn’t trying to make a Horowitz out of people, just engage people who lack the time to study piano in the traditional way.

“That’s the beauty of it — it’s geared to be a quick,  simple thing, and most of the time, it seems people are daunted with music lessons because of the time commitment,” said Clay Stevenson, a lecturer in music who helped Horner with his project proposal.

So perhaps this is the wave of the future for some people at least. But the real question is – does it work?

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